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CSR Partner for a cause

Aligning with the objectives of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rules under the section 135, Schedule VII of Companies Act 2013, CHETNA proactively partners with Corporate Companies and Business Houses to enable them to contribute towards enhancement of quality of life of the most marginalized women, young people and children.

We invite Corporate Companies, Business Houses to partner with us in bringing change in the lives of the marginalized communities. We assure you for responsible spending of your financial contribution.

Reasons for partnering with us…

  • We are committed to bringing change in the lives of the most vulnerable people.
  • We are accountable and transparent – We have a strong financial, standard operating procedure and management policies to ensure compliance to highest standards. As a mandate, our finances are audited internally and externally on an annual basis.
  • We recognize optimal utilization of resources be it time, human resource, funds, and assets. We do this through effective management of our projects/programmes.
  • We believe in creating sustainable change through empowering communities. We will surely enhance your brand visibility as a socially responsible Corporate Company and Business House.

Some possible ways to partner with us:

  1. Jointly conceptualize a project for direct implementation on any of our thrust areas –
    • Enhancing the value of girl children by improving access to nutrition, health care, and education.
    • Optimizing health and development in early childhood.
    • Promoting nutrition, reproductive and sexual health (including HIV/AIDS) rights and responsibilities of adolescents and young people.
    • Improving maternal health (reducing death, disease, and disability linked and pregnancy and childbirth).
    • Enhancing food security and improving nutrition.
  2. We provide the facility to adopt our innovative and interactive Behavior Change Communication materials in any regional language which you can use in any of your interventions to create mass awareness about health and nutrition.
  3. Sponsor national and state level events and campaigns which are designed to reach out to multiple stakeholders to advocate gender sensitive and comprehensive health and nutrition policies and programmes. We can be your knowledge partner. By this partnership we will:
    • Put you on contact with trustworthy, efficient and successful NGOs to implement comprehensive nutrition and health programme in your suggestive geographical area
    • Support them to design need-based programme and build the capacity of their team for effective programme implementation
    • Monitor the output indicators

For partnering with us, contact: chetna@chetnaindia.org