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“Red अच्छा है”

Meher (name changed) is a 12-year-old from Kalol village in Gujarat. Covid has adversely affected two years of her schooling and now as she enters puberty, she is anxious about menarche (the first occurrence of menstruation) and how she will go to school. Her mother and father are also not sure whether it is okay to send her to school on those days. So, her education is in question right now.

71% of adolescent girls in India remain unaware of menstruation till menarche. Unicef

Even today menstruation is widely seen as polluting and shameful, due to which girls are often excluded and shamed in their homes and in their communities. Many are not able to communicate about problems they face related to menstruation. They also fail to adopt hygienic practices during menstruation. Such conditions may initiate the process of disempowerment.

To address the issue CHETNA has initiated a Mass Awareness Campaign Red अच्छा है to break the silence around menstruation and change in the beliefs and myths around it. We have also developed special educational material to explain it in a simple language, which is very popular among the Non-Government Organisations and in the Government programmes.

As a part of our menstrual hygiene awareness programme, we distribute menstruation kits among the girls.

The kit contains:

  • Booklets in Hindi about the menstruation process, hygiene and gender equality.
  • Cloth to use as a pad-the cloth we are providing is commonly used by the women, it is user friendly and easy to dry.
  • Nail cutter etc.


Every year we reach out to thousands of girls for creating menstruation awareness.

We need your help to reach out to 1 million girls in India to learn and practice safe periods. The cloth that we are providing can be reused for around 3 months. If you contribute Rs.1000/- it will take care of the absorbents’ requirement of a girl for a whole year.

If you think you can help these young girls build a better future