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Internship with CHETNA

The Internship programmes offer college students interested in development field, an opportunity to gain direct practical exposure in our work areas. We try to match the interest of the interns with our organisational needs. We prefer to have interns be available with us for a minimum duration of three months. This does not mean that we do not encourage interns for shorter period. We invite Academic institutes/Foundations/Non-profit organisations/Corporate sectors to motivate and engage with us for internship opportunities.

Eligibility criteria
To be considered for our internship programme, the applicants must meet the following requirements:

For Students

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. degree programme or have graduated within the past two years.
  • Be proficient in atleast one of the languages of our work area : English, Hindi and Gujarati language

For national and international Academic Institutes/Foundations/Non-profit organisations/Corporate sectors

We invite you to sponsor and nominate your students/professionals to intern with us.

We also encourage international organisations involved in providing interns from outside India.

Financial aspects 

Interns do not receive a salary or any other form of remuneration from CHETNA. The financial assistance for intern’s participation in the programme must be borne either by the nominating institution to the students or professionals or by the intern themselves to meet the expenses for accommodation, travel and other requirements. We encourage that the applicants must have medical insurance for the duration of the internship.

For interns from outstation within India or outside India, hostel facilities are available at nominal rates.

Please contact nso@chetnaindia.org for currently available
Internship Opportunities.