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Born Learning Campaign

Preparing the communities’ to boost quality early learning opportunities for children

Born Learning Campaign

Early childhood is a crucial stage for brain development of child which comprises physical, socio/emotional and language/cognitive development. Interventions made in the early childhood years are both equitable and efficient- that is, such interventions reduce inequalities, whilst also raising the productivity of the society as a whole. (Heckman 2006; Cunha et al 2010). The Born Learning Project has been conceptualized to provide optimal learning environment to the children below six years at the Anganwadi Centre equipping them with school readiness. CHETNA in partnership with United Way of Baroda is implementing the project in 10 Anganwadi Centres of five villages of Sanand block in Gujarat State, as a part of the Pan India initiative. The project activities began in May 2018 and will continue for next two years.

Born Learning Campaign - CHETNA India

The project aims to improve access to early childhood education services through strengthening infrastructure development, capacity enhancement of service providers, sensitization of parents and mass awareness activities. The project also aims to provide access to appropriate health, hygiene and nutrition awareness through the active involvement of the community stake holders, specifically- the parent groups and Panchayat members.

The project is supported by United Way of Baroda.