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SACHET – Ek Saajhi Pahel…

Empowering Women for Impacting Health and Nutrition Indices

SACHET – Ek Saajhi Pahel…

Period: 2017-2023

Location: Rajpur, Block Badwani District MadhyaPradesh

Mission Antyodaya is a convergence and accountability framework aiming to bring optimum use and management of resources allocated by 27 Ministries/ Department of the Government of India under various programmes for the development of rural areas. It is envisaged as state-led initiative with Gram Panchayats as focal points of convergence efforts.

Madhya Pradesh is one of the bottom three states, with Bihar and Uttarpradesh  according to the performance and State ranking on the  progress in Health Index by NITI AYOG. It ranks 17 of the 20 large states (2019-20).

This project, initiated by the Transform Rural India Foundation aims to transform the bottom 1,00,000 villages in six states into places of equal opportunity by creating better quality of life conditions for living in villages. The initiative is based on the belief that communities’ own initiative and aspirations needto be the central in the process of transformation. TribesresidinginthisblockaremainlyKorku,Bhil,Bhilala, Barela, Pateliya,etc. CHETNA is a thematic partner on health and nutrition in this initiative.

 Overall Objective :To improve maternal and child health and nutrition status

Specific Objectives:

  • To Strengthen health and  nutrition services from demand-side
  • To Strengthen supply of health and nutrition services at G ram Panchayat, block, districtand state-level


  • Capacity building and mentoring of leaders of  Women’s Self Help Groups
  • Capacity building of Standing Committees of Gram Panchayats on Health and Nutrition
  • Ensuring participation of Women at the Gram Sabhas
  • Capacity building of frontline workers
  • Strengthening the functioning of Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committees
  • Observing Village Health and Nutrition Days
  • Dialogues at Sector, block, district and State level for ensuring service delivery
  • Support block level Government departments in implementation of activities

Results: Improved Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition status and access to health services.