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Strengthening Nandghars

Increasing access to maternal and child health and nutrition services

Strengthening Nandghars

CHETNA has taken responsibility to strengthen the efficacy of government’s Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) program by piloting activities in 50 Nandghars of Barmer District of Rajasthan state.

The project will function on the principles of empowerment, gender equality, capacity enhancement, participatory approaches, and multi-sectoral partnership and ensuring convergence among different sectors. The key strategies that will be adopted include:

  • Community Mobilization for ensuring access to health and nutrition service entitlements and adopting health and hygiene-related promoting practices.
  • Capacity enhancement of frontline workers and Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Committee and for strengthening monitoring of service delivery.
  • The convergence of services for the availability of comprehensive health and nutrition services.

Nandghar Project

The project activities have been initiated from May 2019 and will be continued till 2022. The project activities will focus on ultimately improving the regularity of AWC’s functioning, attendance, and retention of children in Nandghars improved consumption of healthy and nutritious food and increased community engagement.

The project aims to reach out to 50 Nandghars in 32 Gram Panchayats in 50 selected villages of Barmer District covering around 8833 households having a population of around 51250 people.