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Films And Videos

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Films And Videos

At CHETNA, we use video documentaries as an effective tool to communicate approaches and strategies we use to create awareness about health, nutrition and development issues of women, young people and children. These videos were specially developed during the course of our interventions under different projects/programs. It can be used as a learning resource by program implementers/development practitioners in NGOs, Government Organizations and Corporate sectors.

Video Gallery

Nutrition of Young Children

Traditional wisdom and Ayurveda for Child Nutrition

Improving Child nutrition in urban and rural settings of Gujarat

An Initiative Towards Nourishing Community

Active learning Joyful learning

Balmela – Children’s Fair

Gram Yatra Village Rally

Face Behind the Mask

Engendering leadership…. CHETNA

5th June Environment Day

Recreational Centre for Elderly Population in India

Vatsalya – Improve Nutrition: Improve health

Drama on Mosquitoes with School Children

Caring for the Young Children in Gujarat

Happy Diwali

Listening to Community Voices Public Hearing on Maternal Health

Empowering Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Committees in Gujarat


Hello Sakhi – Taruna Avastha ni Munjhvano

Hello Sakhi – Awareness on Cancer in Women

Hello Sakhi – Stree Sashktikaran ane Sakaratamak Abhigam (MS)

Hello Sakhi – National Girl Child Day

Hello Sakhi Ling BhedBhaav Gender Discrimination

Jeene Ki Asha

Herbal preparation (Vasaana) for Winter – Part-2

Herbal preparation (Vasaana) for Winter – Part-1

Ayurvedic treatment for Anemia, Part-2

Ayurvedic treatment for Anemia, Part-1

GTPL TV programme- International Women’s Day -8th March 2017 Ms Pallavi Patel- Director CHETNA

Rajkot Samelan

Smita Bajpai (CHETNA, India) in mock interview in Media workshop for ARROW partners

Green Soldiers

8 March, International Women’s Day

Listen to our Voices Campaign Women’s Assembly

Maternal and Child Health

Hamari Aawaz Suno

Learning to Survive

PAHONCH Activity…

Mamta Taruni – Kishorio Skhamatana Panthe…

Empowering Adolescent Girls

Listening to Life Stories of Young Girls and Boys

Looking Beyond