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COVID-19 efforts

COVID-19 efforts

We provided relief to communities...

Hero Image - Travelled Via Boat
We travelled in a boat to provide food grains to communities in a remotest village, not connected by road, in Madhya Pradesh.
  • 2000 migrant labourers from Madhya Pradesh,
    were listed for linkages with the Government Relief efforts.
  • 2232 families from Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh,
    were provided food grains and supplies.
  • 1900 children aged 3-6 years from Rajasthan and Gujarat,
    were provided learning kits.
  • 230 households from Gujarat,
    were provided Hygiene kits.
  • 559 Anganwadi Centres in Rajasthan and Gujarat,
    were provided first aid kits.
  • 91 ASHA and Anganwadi Workers in Rajasthan,
    were provided Sanitizers and Masks.
  • 5500 Adolescent Girls and communities in Rajasthan,
    were provided Cloth Masks.
  • 115 pregnant women in Gujarat,
    were provided Medical Masks.

We spread awareness about COVID-19 precautions...

Hero Image - Spreading Awareness To Villagers
  • 781 women leaders,
    from Madhya Pradesh.
  • 34,981 household members,
    from Gujarat
  • 500 children aged 3-6 years,
    from Gujarat
  • 120 truckers,
    from Gujarat
  • 459 Adolescent girls
    from Gujarat.
  • 47,347 women and household members
    from Rajasthan
  • 885 children age 3-6 years,
    from Rajasthan
  • 127 Anganwadi Workers, Helpers and ASHAs
    from Gujarat.
  • 976 Frontline workers
    from Madhya Pradesh
  • 87 ASHAs and Anganwadi Workers
    from Rajasthan

We listened to...

Hero Image - Man Listening To Village Woman
  • 2193 women on their experiences of COVID-19 and access to MCHN Services,
    from Rajasthan.
  • 1746 women on Breast feeding and COVID-19 Pandemic,
    from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.
  • 297 tobacco vendors for placing spittoons near their shops,
    from Ahmedabad City.

We developed materials for COVID-19 communications...

Hero Image - Developed Learning Materials
  • 1,73,000 picture booklets,
    for communities, in 10 different languages.
  • Set of seven flipcharts,
    for communities, in Hindi and Gujarati language.
  • Set of 10 flipcharts
    for ASHAs in Hindi language.
  • 300 Posters
    for communities in Gujarati language.
  • Videos
    for communities in Kuchchi language

We facilitated Virtual and physical trainings to...

Hero Image - Providing Training To Women
  • 325 NGO members
    from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  • 77 ASHA Anganwadi Workers
    from Rajasthan and 92 from Gujarat.

We provided health services

  • 115 pregnant women from urban dwellings of Ahmedabad City
    were provided check ups

We acknowledge the support provided by the following partners:

Cairn Foundation
Centre For Catalyzing Change
DP World Mundra
HDB Financial Services
TRI - Transform Rural India