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Samvaad (Dialogue) Heritage Conference Centre

The CHETNA Samvaad Heritage Conference Centre (SHCC) is an ideal place to host a meaningful, enriching and development centered interaction. A heritage building restored in an aesthetic way best suited for training and residential purposes. Located in the heart of the historic city, the Centre is easily approachable and accessible from the Ahmedabad Railway Station, State Transport Bus Stand and the main shopping centres of the city.

Facilities available

  • Conference and meeting facilities
    • One large Conference Hall with a seating capacity of 70-80 persons (Air conditioning can be arranged on request)
    • One small Hall with a seating capacity of 10-15 persons
  • An open courtyard, which can be used to put up exhibition or conduct Group discussions/exercises, Yoga session, etc.
  • Spacious dining area
  • Library-cum-Information Centre providing reference books and material on various health, nutrition and development issues; primary health care, gender and development, violence against women, children, young people, and women’s health, development, etc.
  • Residential facility accommodation capacity of 10 persons on double sharing basis; five double occupancy rooms (All rooms are air-conditioned with attached bathroom)
  • Other facilities
    • Hot water
    • Tea/Coffee (vending machine)
    • Medical services in an emergency including a doctor on call
    • Catering facility on request
    • Telephone facility to make local calls

Looking for a facility either to organize a meeting, conference or an event or for accommodation of approx 10 people? Request A Booking Now.

Naiwado Heritage Home (NHH)

A heritage house restored in a creative way is best suited for stay of participants who come for training programmes, meetings and conferences. Situated at a short walking distance from Samvaad Heritage Conference Centre, this hostel provides an enabling environment and an inspiring homely atmosphere to participants and visitors. This Centre is easily approachable from the Ahmedabad Railway Station, State Transport Bus Stand and the main shopping centres of the city.

Residential Facilities

Accommodation capacity of 35-40 persons; six four occupancy rooms, one triple and one double occupancy room (All rooms are air conditioned with attached bathroom)

Other facilities 

  • Hot water
  • Tea/Coffee (vending machine)
  • A fully functional small kitchenette equipped with induction stove, microwave oven
  • Medical services in emergency
  • Catering facility on request
  • Refrigerator
  • Telephone facility to make local calls
  • Television with Cable Connection (T.V. room)
  • A 24×7 housekeeper

Looking for a facility for accommodation? Request A Booking Now.

Shilalekh Guest House at Shahibaug

A modern apartment in the Shahibaug area of Ahmedabad city offers a self-help facility for accommodation of partners, staff interns, Resource persons and Facilitators visiting and invited by CHETNA. It is easily approachable from the Domestic and International Airport, Railway Station and State Transport Bus stand. It is very close to the CHETNA’s office promises at Vadaj. The Guest house provides safe, healthy and comfortable stay in a posh locality in Ahmedabad.

Residential Facility 

  • Accommodation capacity of 6 persons on double sharing basis; three double occupancy rooms with attached bathroom (Two rooms are air conditioned)
  • Fully functional Kitchen equipped with Refrigerator, Cooking gas/burner/stove, Telephone facility for local calls.

We welcome Non-Government and Government organisations, Corporate Sector and other agencies working on development issues and empowerment of marginalized communities to avail of these facilities.

Contact CHETNA to fulfil your training/meeting/conference needs in convenient and aesthetic facilities.