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Brand Story

Identity Beyond the Stereotypes…

Through centuries, patriarchal forces have restricted the spaces for women and controlled their mobility through fear, shame and silence, creating stereotypes, leading to a severe imbalance between women and men, threatening the well being and survival of female humans and therefore, all humans. Subsequently, women have been dis-empowered to become secondary citizens.

The spaces and norms for defining these spaces were separate for women and men. The dividing line was the ‘Dahleej’. CHETNA’s symbol addresses the issue of ‘Dahleej’, which has controlled and restricted women’s physical, intellectual and emotional spaces, creating an imbalance and disharmony in all spheres. The new symbol illustrates the awakening of the inner energies of women, young people and children, to challenge the issue of the ‘Dahleej’.

The symbol for CHETNA represents dynamic energy, integrating eastern and western logic of individual rights with social responsibility, for balance and harmony.

It symbolizes the awakening of consciousness and self-awareness, through self- motivation, towards creating a dynamic energy that crosses confining boundaries that is the Dahleej.